Theodor Adorno

Lectures on Negative Dialectics

1. The Concept of Contradiction (11/9/1965)

2. The Negation of Negation (11/11/1965)

3. Whether Negative Dialectics is Possible (11/16/1965)

4. Whether Philosophy is Possible Without System (11/18/1965)

5. Theory and Practice (11/23/1965)

6. Being. Nothing. Concept. (11/25/1965)

7. “Attempted Breakouts” (11/30/1965)

8. The Concept of Intellectual Experience (12/2/1965)

9. The Element of Speculation (12/7/1965)

10. Philosophy and ‘Depth’ (12/9/1965)

In this project I am only covering Adorno’s Lectures 1 – 10 on Negative Dialectics. In the book these summaries refer to, there are brief notes for a substantial number of further lectures. Given the brevity and density of these further lecture notes, summarizing them does not make a lot of sense.

Negative Dialectics

Part Two: Negative Dialectics. Concepts and Categories.

  1. The Indissoluble “Something”
  2. Compulsory Substantiveness
  3. “Peephole Metaphysics”
  4. Noncontradictoriness Not To Be Hypostatized
  5. Relation to Left-Wing Hegelianism
  6. “Logic of Disintegration”
  7. On the Dialectics of Identity
  8. Cogitative Self-Reflection
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