I’m Jeremiah Morelock. I am a doctoral candidate and teaching fellow in Sociology at Boston College. My research interests include illness narratives, bio-power, epistemology, and film and media studies. I am also the director of the Critical Theory Research Network.

This is what I intend to be an ongoing personal blogging project called “Critical Theory Down to Earth.” In these posts I will provide summaries and brief reflections of writings throughout the wider critical theory landscape. Because I am personally drawn toward epistemology, first generation Frankfurt School, Foucault and Deleuze, these posts will more than likely be weighted in a general direction that reflects these interests. Assuming I get far enough, on my own blog I will archive these posts by thinker and title, which will allow easy navigation. The name is more than a slight nod to Adorno’s essay “The Stars Down to Earth.” And yes, that logo is supposed to be funny.